AIRS Guide

Instrument Suite: AIRS, AMSU, HSB

Provides details about the instruments that make up the AIRS suite (AIRS, AMSU, HSB). Includes viewing characteristics, stability and performance. The visible imager for AIRS is also discussed.

Data Processing Steps and Levels

Describes the steps involved in processing the AIRS data, from Level 0 to Level 3. Includes material on vertical representation (layers and levels) and vertical resolution, and gridding.

Data Organization

Overview that describes the Level 1, 2, and 3 processing flow and processing system for the AIRS data. Includes a table of data product short names and current data processing versions.

Appendix A: AIRS Products and File Names

Summary descriptions and links to AIRS products, including Level 1 radiance products, Level 2 and 3 geophysical products from both the AIRS-team and CLIMCAPS retrieval systems, near-real-time products, and CO2 and precipitation products.