Source: Jacola Roman, NASA/JPL-Caltech
Published: June 7, 2022
Surface Air Temperature Trend Globes

Interactive Surface Air Temperature Trend Globes

Click on the link above (or to the right) to download the interactive globes and display in your browser. Use the mouse to move around the globe and show different regions.

These globes show the 20-year surface air temperature trend (Kelvin/year) from AIRS Ascending/Daytime (left) and Descending/Nighttime (right) data. Statistical significance was not provided; trends should be interpreted with caution. Nighttime warming is stronger than daytime warming, especially over land. The nighttime surface air temperature off the south west coast of the United States, including the LA Basin, has increased by almost 1 kelvin since the start of the AIRS record.

Data source: AIRS Infrared-only Version 7 Level 3 product.