Data Readers

The AIRS Project releases to the broad scientific community sample data readers written in IDL, MATLAB, FORTRAN and C to facilitate user community use of data products.

Each reader will crack open an AIRS data product granule (swath readers for L1B and L2 HDF-EOS swath files and grid readers for L3 HDF-EOS gridded files). A user specified flag controls output, which may be an informative ASCII listing of the structure of the data in the granule or a buffer array of all or a user selected subset of data contained in the granule.

The user community must realize that the AIRS Project does not have the resources to support consultation on these readers. They are being provided as an aid to give the user community a leg up in using the data. There is no commitment to provide assistance to the broad user community beyond the release of these readers.

Data readers and documentation can be found on the Software Tools web page on the Goddard Earth Science Data and Information Services Center web site.

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File subsetting and format conversion
Subsetting and format conversion are available through the Simple Subset Wizard. Information about these services is available on the AIRS services page.
Simple Subset Wizard

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