AIRS Near Real-Time Products

The advantage of NRT data is its fast turnaround time. Data are generally available within 3 hours of observations globally. The data can be utilized in regional weather forecast models as well as in support of field campaigns.

AIRS Near Real-Time (NRT) products are available for Level 1B and Level 2 data formats. Products are stored on a rolling archive for 7 days. AIRS NRT products are produced by the same core science algorithms as in the routine science data production, but use predicted ephemeris rather than the rectified ephemeris. This results in an error in location of the spacecraft by no more than 400 meters and general accuracy of 100 meters. The rectified ephemeris provides spacecraft position accuracy better than 50 meters. NRT processing proceeds whether or not the previous or subsequent Level 1B granules are present or whether the forecast surface pressure is present.

Difference between AIRS near real-time and standard products

Access to the AIRS NRT data is free but requires prior user registration. The NRT products are available from the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Center.

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