AIRS Level 1 Data Products

Calibrated and geolocated radiances

The Level 1B data product contains measurements of the radiation in Earth's atmosphere measured for all channels. It contains geolocated and calibrated infrared, microwave and visible/near-infrared radiances at instrument spatial resolution along with Quality Assessment (QA) data.

The AIRS Level 1C data product is available only for the AIRS infrared L1B product that provides spectral resampling to a common frequency grid for all channels throughout the mission. The AIRS Level 1C product also fills bad, noisy, or co-registration impacted channels and it also fills gaps in the spectrum with synthesized data. More about L1C.

Each product granule contains 6 minutes of data resulting in 240 granules of each Level 1B product every day. Each Level 1B science file type contains data in HDF-EOS (based on HDF version 4) Swath format. The AIRS Version 7 retrieval code continues to use the Version 5 radiance data.


  • AIRS infrared and visible/near-infrared geolocated, calibrated radiances

  • AMSU-A and HSB microwave geolocated, calibrated brightness temperatures

  • HSB geolocated, calibrated brightness temperatures

  • AIRS infrared and visible/near-infrared quality assurance subsets

  • AIRS and AMSU-A calibration subsets