In Memory of Wallace McMillan

The AIRS family lost a much beloved colleague in Dr. Wallace McMillan, associate professor of physics as well as the director of the graduate program in atmospheric physics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. A staple at every AIRS science team meeting throughout the years, Wallace was a key player in overseeing the validation and optimization of AIRS carbon monoxide retrievals. His research in the analysis of satellite and ground-based retrievals of carbon monoxide and ozone made important contributions to the study of global and regional air pollution.

But even more than his solid science ability, Wallace's kindness, graciousness, and enthusiasm for his subject made him such a pleasure to work with. A friend to science outreach as well, Wallace was a generous contributor of his time and expertise whenever the need arose. He was always ready to share what he knew.

From AIRS Project Manager Tom Pagano, "Wallace was an exceptional individual who was very dignified and professional in his character. His work was of the highest quality and he contributed significantly to the success of the AIRS project, particularly in the composition area, and was the official spokesperson for our carbon monoxide product. He will be sorely missed."