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AIRS data is distributed by the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data Information and Services Center (DISC). At the DISC you will find information and tools designed to help you find the AIRS data you need.

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Carbon Dioxide: Version 5 Level 2 and Level 3 Data Products ›
carbon dioxide data only available at Version 5 at this time

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this support page includes link to AIRS data support email

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AIRS on the NCAR/UCAR Climate Data Guide site ›


Tools, Services & resources

Data readers and viewers
The AIRS Tools page at the GES DISC lists several tools for reading and viewing AIRS data.
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File subsetting and format conversion
Tools for subsetting and format conversion are available through Mirador and the Simple Subset Wizard. Information about these services is available on the AIRS services page.
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Use the Ask AIRS FAQ to review previously answered questions or pose a new one.
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Register as an AIRS Data User to receive announcements and information pertinent to the AIRS data.
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