NASA Sounder Science Team Meeting

November 3, 2010 - November 5, 2010
Greenbelt, Maryland

Presentations from the meeting have not been revised or corrected and therefore may contain occasional inaccuracies. If a presentation listed on the meeting agenda is not displayed, we did not receive permission to post it.


Session 1: Status and Introduction (Pagano)

Moustafa Chahine - JPL - Welcome and introduction

Mitch Goldberg - NOAA - Hyperspectral applications at NOAA

Tom Pagano - JPL - AIRS project status


Session 2: Water Vapor & Temperature (Fetzer)

Joao Teixeira - JPL - AIRS and the trade-cumulus boundary layer

Brian Kahn - JPL - Temperature and water vapor variance scaling from AIRS climate models and in situ observations

Stephen Eckermann (Invited Author) - NRL - Recent insights into stratospheric gravity wave dynamics in the southern hemisphere derived from AIRS radiances

Xu Liu - NASA - Remote sensing of atmospheric and surface properties from hyperspectral sounders

Julie Wallace (Invited Author) - McMaster University - Investigating the effects of temperature inversions on airway disease using AIRS

Hengchun Ye (Invited Author) - CalStateLA/JPL - Atmospheric moisture content associated with surface air temperatures over northern Eurasia


Session 3: Clouds & Dust (Kahn)

JingFeng Huang (Invited Author) - UMBC - African dust outbreaks: a satellite perspective of temporal and spatial variability over the tropical Atlantic Ocean

Mark Zondlo (Invited Author) - Princeton - Comparisons on ice supersaturated regions between AIRS and in situ measurements

Craig Benson - NASA - Minimization of cirrus cloud interference in the detection of ice polar stratospheric clouds with Atmospheric Infrared Sounder data assimilation


NASA/NOAA Awards Ceremony


Session 4: Weather Forecast Improvements (Lambrigtsen)

Chris Barnet - NOAA - Sounding Science Progress at NOAA 

Stephen English - UK Met Office - Preparations for NPP sounder instruments at the Met Office (UK) and CPTEC (Brazil)

Brad Zavodsky - NASA - SPoRT Regional Data Assimilation and Modeling Activities with AIRS Profiles at the SPoRT Center: Current Results and Future Plans

Oreste Reale (Invited Author) - UMBC - AIRS contribution towards improved forecasts of flood-producing precipitation within a global data assimiliation and forecasting system

Hui Liu (Invited Author) - UCAR - Improving forecast of tropical cyclone's intensity and track using satellite mass observations with an ensemble data assimilation system


Session 5: Carbon Monoxide & Methane (Olsen)

Juying Warner - UMBC - AIRS CO Update and Validation: V6- vs. V5+

Monika Kopacz (invited Author) - Princeton - Global estimates of CO soures with high resolution by adjoint inversion of multiple satellite datasets (MOPITT, AIRS, SCIAMACHY, TES)

Leonid Yurganov - UMBC - CO from the Russian Fies-2010 observed by AIRS, MOPITT and ground-based instruments

Lesley Ott - NASA - CO emissions and transport from the 2010 Russian Fires: a modeling study using the GEOS-5 analysis system and AIRS

Xiaozhen Xiong (Invited Author) - NOAA - Seven Years' Observation of CH4 from AIRS and some comparison between NOAA IASI and AIRS CH4 Products

Elana Fertig (Invited Author) - JHMI - Assimilating Satellite Radiance Observations with a local ensemble Kalman filter


Session 6: Carbon Dioxide (Olsen)

Eugenia Kalnay (Invited Author) - UMD - Assimilation of AIRS CO2 observations with an Ensemble Kalman Filter: simulations and real observations

Baijun Tian - JPL - Tropical Mid-Tropospheric CO2 Variability driven by the Madden-Julian Oscillation

Edward Olsen - JPL - AIRS mid-tropospheric CO2 product - recent developments

David Baker - CIRA-CSU - Comparison of AIRS and GOSAT CO2 retrievals to GEOS5-driven modeled fields at ~50 km resolution

Alexander Ruzmaikin - JPL - Patterns of CO2 variability from AIRS data

Andrew Tangborn - UMBC/GSFC - Assimilation of AIRS CO2 Retrievals into GEOS-5

Larrabee Strow - UMBC - Lower tropospheric CO2 with AIRS: comparisons to CarbonTracker


Session 7: Data Services (Friedman)

Steve Friedman - JPL - V6 summary: status and schedule

Bruce Vollmer - GSFC - Data Service for AIRS products at the GES DISC

Christopher Lynnes - GSFC - The Data Quality Screening Service for AIRS Level 2 Data

Sharon Ray - JPL - AIRS EPO Status


Session 8: Surface Properties (Hulley)

Glynn Hulley - JPL - The global high spectral resolution UW-Madison MODIS baseline fit emissivity

Daniel Zhou - NASA - Surface Climatology data derive from 3-year IASI measurements and initial evaluation

Ronald Vogel - NOAA - NESDIS Use of surface emissivity data sets in radiative transfer models for data assimilation: an evaluation of satellite derived emissivity

Nicholas Nalli - NOAA - 2010 PNE/AEROSE-VI ocean validation campaign summary

Ramesh Singh (Invited Author) - Chapman University - Understanding of lithospheric atmospheric coupling associated with earthquakes using AIRS data


Session 9: New Methods and Retrievals

Zhaoxia Pu (Invited Author) - Univ of Utah - Validation of AIRS temperature and moisture profiles over tropical oceans and their impact on numerical simulations

Sun Wong - JPL - Validation of AIRS moisture profiles with NAMMA dropsonde data

Evan Fishbein - JPL - Comparison of simultaneous water profiles from infrared and microwave sounders, inferences on IR sampling and microwave systematic errors


Session 10: IR Radiance & Climate Science (Aumann)

Baback Moghaddam - JPL - Sparse eigendecompositions for hyperspectral data analysis

George Aumann - JPL - How to tell anvil clouds from deep convective clouds at the tropopause

Joel Susskind - NASA - The effect of El Nino/La Nina oscillations on recent anomalies and trends of OLR

Fengying Sun (Invited Author) - NOAA/NESDIS/STAR - Outgoing Longwave Radiation Derived from AIRS Radiance Observations


Session 11: Tropical Weather (Fetzer)

Milton Halem (Invited Author) - UMBC - From climate change to hurricanes: How IR radiances from a fraternal Aqua instrument validates AIRS products

Kevin Garrett - NOAA - Future plans for NOAA's microwave integrated retrieval system

Eric Maddy - NOAA - Using collocated AVHRR imager measurements to constrain cloud cleared radiances from IASI

Mathias Schreier (Invited Author) - JPL - Variability of AIRS Infrared Spectra during cloud transition by using information from MODIS


Session 12: Instrument Cal/Val (Elliott)

Fred O'Callaghan - JPL - AIRS anomaly resolution flow process

Denis Elliott - JPL - Three year comparison of AIRS and IASI co-located radiances for cold scenes

Dave Tobin - UofW@Madison - Scan angle dependence of AIRS/IASI comparisons using simultaneous off-nadir observations

Larrabee Strow - UMBC - AIRS and IASI spectral and radiometric calibration using double differences

Evan Manning - JPL - Level-1C


Session 13: NPP CrIS/ATMS

Mark Esplin - SDL - CrIS internal target emissivity check from day in the life test data

Denise Hagan - NGC - CrIS sensor Cal-Val readiness for NPP satellite mission

Antonia Gambacorta - NOAA - Status of the NOAA Unique IASI and CrIS/ATMS Product System

Murty Divarkala - NOAA - Validation of IASI EDRs and pre-launch characterization of NPPCrIMSS EDR products with IASI EDRs, global RAOB/ECMWF data sets

Bill Blackwell - MIT - NPP ATMS modeling and performance assessment

Cheng-Hsuan, Joseph Lyu - NASA - NPP/ATMS sensor performance related study