AIRS Product Accuracies

The AIRS/AMSU suite of instruments constitutes an innovative atmospheric sounding system of infrared, microwave and visible sensors. The infrared radiance data product is stable to 10 mK/yr and accurate to better than 250 mK. This product is the most accurate and stable set of hyperspectral infrared radiance spectra measurements made in space to date, and its meets the criteria identified by the National Research Council for climate data records.

The geophysical products provide daily global temperature profiles at an accuracy of 1 K per 1 km thick layer in the troposphere and moisture profiles at an accuracy of 15% per 2 km thick layer in the lower troposphere (20%-60% in the upper troposphere). With the Version 5 release the L2 and L3 products also include the burden and profiles of the minor gases: O3, CO and CH4.

The accuracy of the temperature and humidity profiles derived from AIRS/AMSU is recognized as improving forecasts from meteorological prediction models. Researchers are using AIRS data products to validate climate models and to test their representations of critical climate feedbacks.

AIRS product accuracies