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Ghostly Images in Earths Water Vapor

Ghostly Images in Earth's Water Vapor

Just for fun, and in the spirit of Halloween, we took artistic license and created a ghostly image out of frames from a new visualization of Earth's water vapor.

Ghoulish phantoms appear to haunt Earth's middle atmosphere in this artistic image of water vapor inspired by a visualization made with data from AIRS, the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder on NASA's Aqua satellite.

And now for the real thing...

Now watch the real visualization of water vapor traveling across Earth. The visualization is an animation made from real data of the atmosphere collected by AIRS as it orbited Earth. Also learn more about water vapor, including a fact that may surprise you.

Click on the link found underneath the ghostly image to watch Earth's water vapor in motion.

Artist's version of the Aqua spacecraft orbiting Earth. AIRS is an instrument on board Aqua.

How many faces can YOU find?