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Access to AIRS Tropospheric Carbon Dioxide Products

The AIRS CO2 product files may be freely downloaded from the Goddard Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC). The links listed below will give you access to all the AIRS carbon dioxide data products.

A web page with links to all methods of access to AIRS Version 6 Data Products:

Links on this web page may be used to search for and subset all AIRS data

products by type, geospatial location, and time and to download them via ftp or

directly via links on web pages.

Data access via Mirador to the Level 2 (standard, support) CO2 Data Products:

Data access via Mirador to the Level 3 CO2 (daily, 8-day, monthly) Data Products:




Corresponding links for data access via the Web Portals:

The sample L2 swath and L3 grid data readers provided with the AIRS V5 documentation package are available here:

Get AIRS Carbon Dioxide Data

A global carbon dioxide data set from Earth's middle troposphere based solely on observations. The data record begins in 2002 and is ongoing.

Monthly average of carbon dioxide in the middle troposphere made from data acquired by AIRS during July 2009.

For more information about the AIRS middle tropospheric carbon dioxide data set:

About AIRS Carbon Dioxide Data