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AIRS and CO2

AIRS and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

On December 14, 2009, AIRS released the first global carbon dioxide data set based solely on observations. The links below will take you to data access points and more information about the AIRS CO2 data.

Get the AIRS Carbon Dioxide Data

The AIRS CO2 product files may be freely downloaded from the Goddard Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC). Click the link below to access all the AIRS carbon dioxide data products.

Access the AIRS Carbon Dioxide Data

More about the AIRS Carbon Dioxide Data Set

Specific information about the AIRS CO2 data set for the climate researcher is found on the page below.

About the AIRS CO2 Data

Press Releases

NASA Outlines Recent Breakthroughs in Greenhouse Gas Research - 12.15.09

NASA Maps Shed Light on Carbon Dioxide's Global Nature - 10.09.08


NASA Outlines Greenhouse Gas Research - Supports the press conference on AIRS and CO2 at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco on December 14, 2009. Contains links to slides and images used during the press conference.

Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Center - News from the AIRS data distribution provider.

Measuring CO2 from Space With AIRS

Written by JPL Historian Erik Conway, the two feature stories below take you from the beginning of the connection between carbon dioxide and global warming to the AIRS CO2 measurements.

A Brief History of CO2 Measurements

AIRS and CO2: From Measurement to Science

AIRS Carbon Dioxide Multimedia

Still imagery and animations are found on our CO2 multimedia page.

AIRS CO2 Multimedia

Monthly average of carbon dioxide in the mid-troposphere made from data acquired by AIRS during July 2003. Wind vectors (in the form of wind socks) are overlaid. Image credit: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio.